Infinity Blade III Released

A mere hours before iOS 7 will be released, game developer Chair has released Infinity Blade III, the conclusion to its popular Infinity Blade franchise.

Infinity Blade III, described as being several times larger than the first Infinity Blade, supports the new iPhone 5s’s 64-bit processor. The new A7 chip will provide ultra smooth gameplay, better graphics, and more.

Infinity Blade III concludes the storyline behind the first two games and books. If you’re an Infinity Blade fanatic, then check it out on the App Store!

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iOS 7-like Leaves Beta


Ahead of it’s upcoming iOS 7 release tomorrow, Apple has redesigned its site with the new design concepts from iOS 7: flat user interface, depth, and simplicity. Users have been able to access the new iCloud design by visiting for some time now.

Notably, though, the iWork suite has not been updated with the new design changes. Apple did, however announce the it would release iWork for free with new iOS devices.

Apple will release iOS 7 tomorrow.