iTunes Radio released with iOS 7


Released with Apple’s newest version of iOS, iTunes Radio is pandora-like alternative built directly into iOS. iTunes Radio is one of the many new features in Apples newest mobile OS, iOS 7. It has the option to use one of more than 250 stations with genres and music handpicked by iTunes, or users can create their own stations based on their favorite music. 

Radio stations are stored in the cloud, allowing users to create radio stations on one device and then listen to them on another one. Users can listen to iTunes Radio completely free. However, and ad-free option also exists, for iTunes Match users ($25USD/year) . iTunes radio supports all iOS devices, Macs and PC’s via the Music app in iOS or iTunes on a Mac pr PC. 

iTunes radio comes with many pre-made stations. These include: iTunes Top 100, 3 of a Kind, If You Like, as well as many genre-specific stations. iTunes Top 100 features the 100 most popular songs on iTunes of any genre. 3 of a Kind stations start with three popular artists of the same genre, then move on to mix in more kinds of music with a similar vibe. If your ‘Like’ stations play today’s top artists and mix in songs from similar artists or styles to allow the user to discover new music that they enjoy.  

Overall I feel that iTunes Radio will be a popular aspect of iOS 7, undoubtably attracting fans of Pandora Radio, Spotify, and other such online radio stations. iTunes radio is radio re-imagined.


Apple Releases iOS 7


As announced at lat weeks iPhone event Apple released iOS 7 to the public today. The new operating system was officially unveiled and demoed at WWDC in June. Developers have had access to the betas for several months now.

iOS 7 brings a host of new changes, but most importantly, it sports an all new design. The design is quite different from the previous one, featuring different icons and an overall “flat” look and feel. Honestly, it took me about two days to get accustomed to the look back in June when I downloaded the beta.

But beyond looks, iOS 7 also brings many new features The new Control Center allows one to quickly access their settings. Additionally, Apple has added several new features:

iTunes Radio
A new camera app
New Notification Center
Better Siri
New Multitasking

iOS 7 is a most worthy upgrade. We highly suggest that you get it.

AppleRumors.NET will have coverage of iOS 7’s major features in the days coming. Stay tuned…