OS X Mavericks


OSX Mavericks was  released for free on the Mac App Store today. It includes many under the hood improvements as well as a few feature related ones.

For starters, iBooks and Apple Maps are FINALLY on the Mac!  If you’re a student, you’ll love the ability to read your textbooks on you Mac as well as on your iPad or iPhone. Both applications look great and are fully optimized for OS X.

OS X Mavericks also includes many under the hood improvements for the power user and avid multitasker.  These include everything from improvements that will increase your battery life, to  those that will allow you to have a graphically intensive app running in the background without using CPU or GPU power.

Mavericks also brings improvements to multi-monitor support.  You can now use two monitors easier than ever before with Mavericks.

For the avid file storer and obsessive compulsive organizer, Mavericks brings a cool tag system that allows you to tag files, search those tags later on, and even search multiple tags for more precise document search results.

Most importantly, Mavericks is completely free from the  Mac App Store today!


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