Phonebloks Project


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The Phoneblok is a smartphone that is made of detachable bloks. Each of the pieces do a job, an example would be one blok for the camera and another for the memory. So instead of breaking a single thing on your phone and having to get a whole new one you can just buy a replacement part, lowering the cost.

Phonebloks will make it easier for people to get the phone that they really want, a phone tailored to their needs and wants. If someone wants a better camera they can simple buy a better camera, sacrificing some power in another part.

They are offering a type of subscription service so that you will always get the latest and greatest blok.

They are allowing third party developers to make bloks for the phone. Like a community coming together to make something greater. The provide examples on their website such as users making solar powered batteries, more sensitive screens, the possibilities are endless. With more and more people working on the phone we can see the phone’s technology explode.

Motorola is now working on a Phoneblok and hey have been working on a concept phone, Project Ara.

They are asking people to show support for their idea and to help spread it. If you want to support the project you can donate here .


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