Breaking: Apple Updates iBooks and iTunes U with iOS 7 UI

Apple today released iBooks to version 3.2, releasing a brand new user interface tailored for iOS 7. iBooks had long been Apple’s “poster child” for skeuomorphism, as it mimicked the design of a physical book. With the newest update, iBooks is completely redesigned with an iOS 7 optimized design. This includes a flat user interface.

20131114-124622.jpgImage Credit: 9to5Mac

Apple also released an updated version of iTunes U, implementing a flat new user interface for iOS 7. These two apps, known as Apple’s education apps were among the last Apple apps to be updated. Nevertheless, Fond My Friends has still not been updated, retaining it’s original iOS 6 design.

Overall, the new design changes bring the much needed iOS 7 UI to the table.

Apple releases iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple today surprised the world as it released the iPad mini to the public. Apple stores around the world are now receiving the iPad mini with retina display and users can pick them up in stores.

AppleRumors.NET will have a review of the iPad mini with retina display in the coming weeks.


Apple to partner with Global Foundries in A-series chip production

New reports say that apple will add a second U.S. chip fabrication plant to its supply chain, partnering with California-based GlobalFoundries to produce A-series processors at a new $6 billion facility in upstate New York.

Apple A7

The “floorplan” of Apple’s latest A-series processor, the A7. | Credit: Chipworks

Current Apple fab partner Samsung will help to ramp up production at the new facility, according to a report monday afternoon from the Albany Times Union. The site, in Malta, New York, was rumored to be in the running for a slot in Apple’s supply chain late last year.

Logistical details of the arrangement between Apple, Samsung, and Global Foundries are not known, and a GlobalFoundries spokesman declined to comment when asked by the Times Union. Samsung is currently the sole supplier of A-series processors for Apple, fabricating the chips at a plant in Austin, Texas. 

Many of the earlier rumors swirling around the Malta deal pegged Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), rather than Global Foundries, as Apple’s partner. At the time, the venture was thought to go by the codename “Project Azalea.”

As late as last month, whispers that Samsung had lost as much as half of the contract for Apple’s purported next-generation “A8” processor to TSMC were circulating from sources in Samsung’s home turf of South Korea. It is possible, though unlikely, that both Samsung and TSMC could be involved in the New York deal.

Apple to Release Larger iPhone

Apple is said to introduce new, larger iPhones “6”  and next gen iPhone 5c in Quarter 3 of 2014. According to rumor, the new phones are expected to boast 4.7 and 5.5 inch Retina displays.  Apple introduced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last September.

AppleRumors.NET reported last week that Apple signed a deal with Sapphire glass manufacturer GT Advanced Technology.  Apple’s nearly half billion dollar investment will likely allow for the next gen iPhone to sport sapphire displays.  Also reported on the next gen iPhone is LiquidMetal, a powerful and strong alloy which could make the iPhone nearly indestructible.

Apple currently uses Sapphire on its iPhone 5s (the camera lens and Touch ID sensor) and LiquidMetal for the SIM ejector.

Breaking: Twitter IPO

Twitter today lunched it’s IPO, with the stock price set at $26 a share. The stock has since risen to$45 at the time of writing and the company has a market cap of 25 Billion.

The IPO comes after a series of rumors and Twitter’s official announcement of it’s IPO. We’ll bring you more news as the day progresses.

#TwitterIPO #BigDay 🙂


Apple Updates Remote


Apple yesterday updated Remote (, it’s remote app for controlling an iTunes library or Apple TV. Remote has been updated with iOS 7 features, making the new version 4.0 update a major uverhaul.

Remote is the latest Apple app to receive a major update (Apple updated podcasts, Find my Friends, iTunes Trailers, and other apps in the past few weeks.

Most notably, Apple has not updated iBooks and iTunes U with iOS 7 designs. This leads us to ask, Will Apple update them in the coming weeks or hold an education event similar to it’s January 2012 event?