Apple: Weekly Loop

In the past week, Apple discontinued the legacy iPad 2, which had for over two years been a “cheaper” alternative to the full priced $499 iPad Air.

Yesterday, 9to5Mac reported that some users running iOS 7.1 saw “related searches” when users searched the app store.


In other news, social tycoon Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that his company would purchase virtual-reality maker Occulus for approximately $2 Billion. This news comes just a few weeks after the company announced a $21 Billion acquisition of the popular smartphone app WhatsApp. The question, remains – how much money does Facebook really have?


iOS 7.1 Released: Overview

Apple officially released iOS 7.1 this week. Why should you update? Well, to top it off, iOS 7.1 is a HUGE improvements for performance. Users of older devices (i.e. the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Mini 1). Along with significant performance improvements, 7.1 packs new design tweaks, CarPlay, better Touch ID for the iPhone 5s, and many minor tweaks. Overall, it’s an excellent upgrade and well worth the time. Get it today from the settings app!

Check out DetroitBORG’s awesome video above for a complete description of iOS 7.1.

Third Party Keyboards arrive on iOS

After many years, Apple has finally began allowing apps to access third party keyboards. Apple, know for its security and tight grip on its system, previously has been rather restrictive of developers accessing third party content – especially keyboards.

Enter Flesky, a keyboard that promises 114% more accurate typing, gesture based controls, customization, and an all-new design. Flesky promises that implementation is as easy as pie – requiring no lines of code to use. This doesn’t mean, however, that implementation is seamless. Flesky users must have the Flesky app installed which allows them to directly access the keyboard from within apps. However, not all apps can take advantage of the keyboard one installed. Developersust first optimize their apps for use with Flesky.

Needless to say, however, Flesky is a powerful keyboard with potential. It’s definitely a strong move on Apple’s part to allow Flesky into its App Store. If you’d like to get a feel of Flesky, download Infinity Apps’s Simple Tips for iPhone directly off the App Store (yeah, I made it)!