What to Buy this Season

’Tis the season to be … techy! With the annual shopping season now in full swing and the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to grab some last-minute gifts for the tech lover in your life. But with countless options available, the task is often daunting. Let’s break it down.


Among the most popular gifts for all ages are tablets and phones. Phones such as Apple’s new iPhone 6 and Google’s Nexus 6 make excellent holiday gifts. But before you make a purchase, consider what type of phone to buy. Today, two systems dominate the mobile marketplace: iOS and Android. Both sport a range of features and are equally compelling. If you’re buying for a die-hard Apple fan, it’s a safe bet to get him or her an iPhone. However, if you’re unsure, the situation gets a bit trickier. Consider what they’ll use the phone for – school, work, play, etc. Apple’s iPhones are very popular among teens but make great gifts for any age. Many businesspeople still resort to Blackberry phones. If you’re buying for a hacker, computer enthusiast or someone who just likes to tinker with his/her phone, Android is probably a safer bet because it is a more open platform.



Tablets, too, make excellent gifts for all ages. When most of us think of tablets, the Apple iPad often comes to mind. The iPad has positioned itself at the top of the tablet market for the past four years and continues to be a very reliable device. For people with other Apple devices (i.e., Macs, iPhones, iPods, etc.), the iPad is a perfect gift. It’s also a fantastic education tool for students and teachers. But if you’re shopping for the Android enthusiast, grab Google’s latest Nexus 9 tablet. Built with performance in mind, the Nexus 9 sports the latest Android system (Android Lollipop), a new design, an excellent camera and brilliant screen. Like the iPad, it is available in three colors: gold, silver and black. And yes, for the Windows lovers out there, the Surface Pro 3 (which you may know from Microsoft’s comical holiday commercials) is a worthy alternative. The Surface is suited best for businesses and education as the tablet-hybrid sports a full-sized keyboard and touch screen. However, it doesn’t sport the extensive app stores that both iOS and Android devices benefit from. The surface can easily be transformed into a laptop or tablet.


It’s never too late to buy for the music lover in your life. The iPod, the product that once dominated Apple’s sales, is often all but forgotten. But the iPod (especially the iPod Touch) is a valuable choice for younger kids who aren’t yet ready for a phone but old enough to be responsible with their own device. Further, Beats offers excellent headphones, stereos and its famous Beats “Pill.” Bose, too, offers worthy headphones and speakers. Beats is especially popular among teens and young adults.


Then there are drones, which you probably can’t go wrong with. A lot of people, especially aviation enthusiasts, love drones. If you’re feeling ambitious, DJI’s Phantom 2 is a fantastic choice but at a cost – more than $1,000 (but you can snag the previous generation for around half the price). Nevertheless, you’ll be able to find great prices on drones on sites like Amazon and eBay where excellent consumer-level drones often go for $100 or less.

So there you have it – a tech guide for the holiday season. There’s a ton of great tech products available on the market this year and you can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!



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