Breaking: Apple Updates iBooks and iTunes U with iOS 7 UI

Apple today released iBooks to version 3.2, releasing a brand new user interface tailored for iOS 7. iBooks had long been Apple’s “poster child” for skeuomorphism, as it mimicked the design of a physical book. With the newest update, iBooks is completely redesigned with an iOS 7 optimized design. This includes a flat user interface.

20131114-124622.jpgImage Credit: 9to5Mac

Apple also released an updated version of iTunes U, implementing a flat new user interface for iOS 7. These two apps, known as Apple’s education apps were among the last Apple apps to be updated. Nevertheless, Fond My Friends has still not been updated, retaining it’s original iOS 6 design.

Overall, the new design changes bring the much needed iOS 7 UI to the table.


Apple to partner with Global Foundries in A-series chip production

New reports say that apple will add a second U.S. chip fabrication plant to its supply chain, partnering with California-based GlobalFoundries to produce A-series processors at a new $6 billion facility in upstate New York.

Apple A7

The “floorplan” of Apple’s latest A-series processor, the A7. | Credit: Chipworks

Current Apple fab partner Samsung will help to ramp up production at the new facility, according to a report monday afternoon from the Albany Times Union. The site, in Malta, New York, was rumored to be in the running for a slot in Apple’s supply chain late last year.

Logistical details of the arrangement between Apple, Samsung, and Global Foundries are not known, and a GlobalFoundries spokesman declined to comment when asked by the Times Union. Samsung is currently the sole supplier of A-series processors for Apple, fabricating the chips at a plant in Austin, Texas. 

Many of the earlier rumors swirling around the Malta deal pegged Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), rather than Global Foundries, as Apple’s partner. At the time, the venture was thought to go by the codename “Project Azalea.”

As late as last month, whispers that Samsung had lost as much as half of the contract for Apple’s purported next-generation “A8” processor to TSMC were circulating from sources in Samsung’s home turf of South Korea. It is possible, though unlikely, that both Samsung and TSMC could be involved in the New York deal.

Phonebloks Project


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The Phoneblok is a smartphone that is made of detachable bloks. Each of the pieces do a job, an example would be one blok for the camera and another for the memory. So instead of breaking a single thing on your phone and having to get a whole new one you can just buy a replacement part, lowering the cost.

Phonebloks will make it easier for people to get the phone that they really want, a phone tailored to their needs and wants. If someone wants a better camera they can simple buy a better camera, sacrificing some power in another part.

They are offering a type of subscription service so that you will always get the latest and greatest blok.

They are allowing third party developers to make bloks for the phone. Like a community coming together to make something greater. The provide examples on their website such as users making solar powered batteries, more sensitive screens, the possibilities are endless. With more and more people working on the phone we can see the phone’s technology explode.

Motorola is now working on a Phoneblok and hey have been working on a concept phone, Project Ara.

They are asking people to show support for their idea and to help spread it. If you want to support the project you can donate here .

Apple’s New Mac Pro


Apple’s much anticipated Mac Pro is to be available for purchase in December of this year. Apple’s new circular design sets this generation apart from the previous generations’ rectangular and bulky design. The new Mac Pro is to weigh only 11 pounds (5 kg) compared to the Mid-2012’s 41 pounds (18.7 kg). 

The new Mac Pro will come standard with a 256GB SSD. The Mid-2012 Mac Pro came standard with 1TB of storage. Although the SSD will be a much quicker option some consumers want more space at the sacrifice of speed. 

With the new boosted processing power of the Mac Pro you will be able to perform more tasks than ever before. This will allow you to use much more processor dependent programs on your computer.The new Mac Pro does have boosted processing power coming standard with 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 with 10mb L3 cache or you can get the 6-Core version for an extra thousand dollars which comes with a 3.5Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon  E5 with 12mb L3 chace. Compared to the 2012’s which you could either get a 12-core with two 2.4Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5645 or a 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon W3564. The new Mac Pro definatly has more processing power especially when you shell out the extra cash to configure it even more. 

Apple shows us that they are expecting people to use more graphic intensive programs on the Mac Pro. They have added major improvements to the graphics software, something that Apple is not know for.They worked to improve the graphics power on the new Mac Pro by having them come standard with either 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM or 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM. The 2012 version only came with 1GB GDDR5.

Apple decided to add more connectivity to the new Mac Pro. This will allow you to connect more of your devices to your machine. It comes with 4 USB-3 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, 1 HDMI 1.4 UltraHD port, and a set of Gigabit Ethernet ports. 

With the addition of more memory than ever to the Mac Pro you will now be able to use the Mac Pro to run a multitude of programs at once without slowing your computer. The Mac Pro comes standard with 12GB (three 4GB sticks) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory and configurable to 64GB! This will allow for people to use this computer to run multiple virtual machines.   

The Mac Pro will be available for purchase this December for the prices of $2999 and $3999. 

Apple confirms iPhone 5S Manufacturing Error


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Apple says that “a very limited number” of iPhone 5S models have been sold to customers with battery problems.

The new iPhone 5S boasts a ten hour battery life but some users have found that to be false. The statement made by Apple does not disclose the exact amount of units plagued by this manufacturing error, but it seems to imply a number hovering around a few thousand units.

Apple says to know which users are affected by the error and will contact you, if you happen to own one of those devices. They also said that they would replace all affected devices.

MacBook Pro’s gain PCIe Flash Storage

One of the most overlooked new features of the new Macbook Pro Retina display lineup is their new storage. This year apple has boosted their macbooks with something called Peripheral Component Interconnect express, or PCIe for short, flash storage

Flash storage has always been an incredible leap from the traditional Hard Drive as flash features nonmoving parts – ensuring faster read and write speeds as well as faster boot up times.