Apple: Weekly Loop

In the past week, Apple discontinued the legacy iPad 2, which had for over two years been a “cheaper” alternative to the full priced $499 iPad Air.

Yesterday, 9to5Mac reported that some users running iOS 7.1 saw “related searches” when users searched the app store.


In other news, social tycoon Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that his company would purchase virtual-reality maker Occulus for approximately $2 Billion. This news comes just a few weeks after the company announced a $21 Billion acquisition of the popular smartphone app WhatsApp. The question, remains – how much money does Facebook really have?


Apple Roundup

It’s been a slow week for rumors (and a busy one for holiday shoppers), so I decided to compile everything into one article.

Apple recently released the first beta of OS X 10.9.2 to developers.  The update includes various bug fixes and other minor enhancements, but most notably now includes FaceTime Audio, a service introduced in iOS 7.

FaceTime Audio is available currently only on iDevices, but will soon include Macs.  Apple is likely to release 10.9.2 (to the public) sometime next year.

On other Mac news, Apple’s Mac Pro, radically redesigned and re-envisioned, saw preorders on Thursday and is now shipping in February.  Wow.  You probably have a better shot of getting your hands on one at your local Apple Store.

Furthermore, iTunes Connect, the developer portal, will not be accessible to developers for over a week.  This means that App Pricing, Stats, and app uploads will not be available.  While this doesn’t officially affect customers, you won’t have any updates or price changes during this time.

That’s your week in review!20131218-124652.jpg

Apple Updates Find My Friends, Podcasts, and iTunes Trailers

Find My Friends, Podcasts, and iTunes Trailers have all been updated today with a new iOS 7 look and feel.  The new apps feature iOS 7’s opacity, clarity, and ultra minimalism.

New icons have also been released with the icons.Image

iBooks still hasn’t been updated…how strange?  Hope to see it within the next week or so!

Briefly: Jay Sartori to Manage App Store Sports Section

Apple today hired Jay Sartori, a Toronto Blue Jays assistant to manage the App Store’s sports section.  Jay Sartori has knowledge of statistics and software engineering, making him a fit for the tech giant.

Apple’s sports section in the App Store is a popular destination for sports-related games and apps.

Infinity Blade III Released

A mere hours before iOS 7 will be released, game developer Chair has released Infinity Blade III, the conclusion to its popular Infinity Blade franchise.

Infinity Blade III, described as being several times larger than the first Infinity Blade, supports the new iPhone 5s’s 64-bit processor. The new A7 chip will provide ultra smooth gameplay, better graphics, and more.

Infinity Blade III concludes the storyline behind the first two games and books. If you’re an Infinity Blade fanatic, then check it out on the App Store!

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App Store Allows Legacy Downloads

Apple today has updated its App Store to allow users on legacy operating systems to download the “Last Compatible Version” of an app.

For instance, if one was running and iPad with iOS 5, and then latest update required iOS 6.0, then they would be promoted to install the latest compatible version, so perhaps an update for iOS 5.

Users running old iPhones (i.e. iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS) will not be able to receive updates for their operating system, which they could not have done due to an older operating system.