Apple: Weekly Loop

In the past week, Apple discontinued the legacy iPad 2, which had for over two years been a “cheaper” alternative to the full priced $499 iPad Air.

Yesterday, 9to5Mac reported that some users running iOS 7.1 saw “related searches” when users searched the app store.


In other news, social tycoon Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that his company would purchase virtual-reality maker Occulus for approximately $2 Billion. This news comes just a few weeks after the company announced a $21 Billion acquisition of the popular smartphone app WhatsApp. The question, remains – how much money does Facebook really have?


Google+ Reaches 300 Million Users

20131029-183718.jpgGoogle’s social media network, Google+ reached 300 Millions users said vic Gundortra, Google’a SVP. Google also has users upload images at an “amazing rate.”

With 300 Million users, Google+ now is larger than Twitter, with its 230 Million users. Facebook, however, remains the most popular at over 1 Billion active users.

Apple, in comparison, has had little success building a social network and its Ping service was discontinued in 2012. Google, too, had little success with Google Buzz, a precursor to Google+.