Notification Center in iOS 7


Notification Center in iOS 7 is more innovative than ever. Notification center debuted with iOS 5 in 2011 and has become an essential part of the iOS ecosystem. With iOS 7, Apple makes Notification Center better ascetically while adding Google Now like features such as directions and calendar.

To access Notification Center in iOS 7, simply swipe down from the top of the screen. Notification Center will appear, with it’s new look.

Apple has integrated Calendar directly into Notification center Your can now get a detailed view of what’s going on during your day as well as view the weather and reminders.

Notification Center’s Google Now like technology is particularly helpful. I’ve always been a fan of Google Now, and find myself using Notification Center more and more now.

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Control Center in iOS 7


Control Center is a brand new feature in Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 7. Control Center is all about efficiency. It has all the features that are used on a day to day basis just a swipe away. The best thing about control center is its interface is very accessible. One swipe up from the bottom of the screen and Control Center’s simple yet effective layout is presented.

Features from the settings app include: Airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb, lock orientation, as well as brightness. I find these to be quite useful. This is because I am frequently adjusting the brightness, turning on bluetooth, and using wifi. Prior, I would always have to open up the settings app to access these features but now I have them all in one convenient spot.

Additional features include: airdrop, airplay, sound controls, music controls, and four buttons that activate the camera flash, the clock app, the calculator app, and the camera app.

All in all, I am quite pleased with Apple’s inclusion of Control Center. It is quite simple and time conserving, yet intuitive at the same time.

Apple Releases iOS 7


As announced at lat weeks iPhone event Apple released iOS 7 to the public today. The new operating system was officially unveiled and demoed at WWDC in June. Developers have had access to the betas for several months now.

iOS 7 brings a host of new changes, but most importantly, it sports an all new design. The design is quite different from the previous one, featuring different icons and an overall “flat” look and feel. Honestly, it took me about two days to get accustomed to the look back in June when I downloaded the beta.

But beyond looks, iOS 7 also brings many new features The new Control Center allows one to quickly access their settings. Additionally, Apple has added several new features:

iTunes Radio
A new camera app
New Notification Center
Better Siri
New Multitasking

iOS 7 is a most worthy upgrade. We highly suggest that you get it.

AppleRumors.NET will have coverage of iOS 7’s major features in the days coming. Stay tuned…

iOS 7-like Leaves Beta


Ahead of it’s upcoming iOS 7 release tomorrow, Apple has redesigned its site with the new design concepts from iOS 7: flat user interface, depth, and simplicity. Users have been able to access the new iCloud design by visiting for some time now.

Notably, though, the iWork suite has not been updated with the new design changes. Apple did, however announce the it would release iWork for free with new iOS devices.

Apple will release iOS 7 tomorrow.


Mavericks Developer Preview 8

Mavericks Developer Preview 8

Apple today released the eighth preview of its upcoming software, OS X Mavericks to developers.  This latest preview comes approximately two  weeks after Preview 7.

OS X Mavericks brings a host of new changes, among those changes include: iCloud Keychain, Multiple Displays, iBooks for Mac, Safari 8, Maps, and more.

Also released is a new Safari 6.1 seed, sent to Safari developers.  It can be downloaded from the safari developer center.

OS X Mavericks is expected to be released in late October.  Developers can download the lates update from the Developer Cneter online or via software update from the Mac App Store.

iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S

Apple Inc will release its flagship phone, the iPhone 5S on Friday, September 20. The new iPhone, despite looking nearly identical to the iPhone 5, boasts a new fingerprint scanner for security, a f2.2 aperture lens, a speedy new 64 bit A7 chip, dual flashes, iOS 7, and more.

The new iPhone is also available in three colors: space gray, silver, and gold.

Additionally, Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 7, will debut this Wednesday to the public. iOS 7 features an entirely new interface, new features such as control center, and a brand new notification center. These are merely a few of the many advances that iOS 7 will bring.

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