Pebble Watch


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The Pebble Watch is a watch that will link your smart phone and your watch. It will allow for you to read messages and tell the time as well as many other functions.

They say that they will allow third party developers to create apps for the watch that will help you to connect more with your phone and everyday life.

The watch comes in five colors, jet black, grey, cherry red, orange, and arctic white. The pebble watch is available right now for $130 on their website. 

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Black Friday Deals Announced!

Apple today announced its Black Friday deals – the one time per year the Company offers discounts.  This year, however, Apple is taking a more unusual path.  With the purchase of an iPad, iPod, Mac, or other accessory/device, you’ll receive an Apple Store gift card towards your next purchase.  Apple’s gift cards vary in price – up to $200 depending on what product you purchase.


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If this doesn’t sound overly appealing to you, then fear not!  Retailers like Best Buy and B&H are offering great discounts.  Let’s take the base MacBook Air for example.  If you were to buy an 11 inch MacBook Air with 128GB of SSD storage from Apple, then you’d get a gift card worth $150.  Now if you were to purchase the same laptop from, you’ll pay $874.00.  B&H is currently sold out of the 11 inch model but Best Buy is offering $150 off the laptop —  you won’t receive a gift card.  Additionally, Best Buy does offer $200 off the base iMac while Apple is offering a $150 gift card.  If you’ve been meaning to grab a gorgeous MacBook Pro with Retina Display, then this is the day.  B&H is offering the laptop for $1649 —  a $450 discount.  They are also offering up to $300 off the 27 inch iMac.

Apple is giving $50-$75 gift cards with the purchase of an iPad. Best Buy, however, is offering $50-$70 off iPads.  The old iPad 2, released in 2011 but still sold by Apple, can be purchased for $299.99 from Best Buy — a $100 discount. Nearly all models, either brought from the Apple Online Store or Best Buy’s website include free shipping.


So what’s the best deal?  Well, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.  However, know this: Apple never offers deals – with the exception of Black Friday (Apple offers education discounts, but those discounts are much less than the deals offered today).   So if you wait, don’t expect another discount until Black Friday 2014.


Apple Teases Black Friday Deals


Apple has begun to tease its Black Friday deals in an email sent to customers today.  The event will be offered online and in Apple retail stores this Friday.  Apple rarely, if ever, offers discounts on any of its products with the exception of Black Friday.

Prices have yet to be announced, but they’re likely to be the same as last year: $100-200 off Macs (depending on the model), about $50 off an iPad, etc.  We will bring you updated prices when we learn more.

Is it a good time to buy an Apple product?  You decide!  Let us know in the poll below. 

Breaking: Apple releases Apple Store app for iPad


Apple today finally released an iPad version of its popular Apple Store app. The Apple Store app had long been an iPhone-only app, making many wonder if Apple would ever release an iPad version. iPhone user Saint0327 reviewed the last iPhone version with a mere one star writing “Hey Apple, there’s a new device called the iPad.” Many other users have also voiced their concern about the current iPhone version.

The iPad version, however, is not a universal app and is separate from the iPhone version. The new app sports a design in-line with iOS 7.

You can download the new app from the App Store.


Apple Updates Find my Friends App

Apple yesterday updated its Find my Friends app for iOS 7. This marks the last major Apple app to be updated with the new design changes in iOS 7. iOS 7 debuted in mid-September and Apple issued subsequent updates for its iOS apps.

Only iTunes Connect, the developer portal, is missing an iOS 7 update (this is not a consumer app).

Find my Friends now sports a completely new and redesigned interface. Let us know what you think of the new UI in the comments below!


Breaking: Apple Releases iOS 7.1

Apple today released iOS 7.1 to developers, the first major upgrade to iOS.  iOS 7.1 provides many minor changes and much needed bug fixes.  7.1 features various minor changes such as a new Yahoo! logo in notification center, dark keyboard option, bold text, and a new flash indicator.

iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 will likely be released next year (as with previous versions of iOS — 5.1 and 6.1).  As with any beta, there are still many bugs.  Apple also seeded Xcode 5.1 and a new Apple TV update.

Breaking: Apple Updates iBooks and iTunes U with iOS 7 UI

Apple today released iBooks to version 3.2, releasing a brand new user interface tailored for iOS 7. iBooks had long been Apple’s “poster child” for skeuomorphism, as it mimicked the design of a physical book. With the newest update, iBooks is completely redesigned with an iOS 7 optimized design. This includes a flat user interface.

20131114-124622.jpgImage Credit: 9to5Mac

Apple also released an updated version of iTunes U, implementing a flat new user interface for iOS 7. These two apps, known as Apple’s education apps were among the last Apple apps to be updated. Nevertheless, Fond My Friends has still not been updated, retaining it’s original iOS 6 design.

Overall, the new design changes bring the much needed iOS 7 UI to the table.

Apple releases iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple today surprised the world as it released the iPad mini to the public. Apple stores around the world are now receiving the iPad mini with retina display and users can pick them up in stores.

AppleRumors.NET will have a review of the iPad mini with retina display in the coming weeks.


Apple to partner with Global Foundries in A-series chip production

New reports say that apple will add a second U.S. chip fabrication plant to its supply chain, partnering with California-based GlobalFoundries to produce A-series processors at a new $6 billion facility in upstate New York.

Apple A7

The “floorplan” of Apple’s latest A-series processor, the A7. | Credit: Chipworks

Current Apple fab partner Samsung will help to ramp up production at the new facility, according to a report monday afternoon from the Albany Times Union. The site, in Malta, New York, was rumored to be in the running for a slot in Apple’s supply chain late last year.

Logistical details of the arrangement between Apple, Samsung, and Global Foundries are not known, and a GlobalFoundries spokesman declined to comment when asked by the Times Union. Samsung is currently the sole supplier of A-series processors for Apple, fabricating the chips at a plant in Austin, Texas. 

Many of the earlier rumors swirling around the Malta deal pegged Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), rather than Global Foundries, as Apple’s partner. At the time, the venture was thought to go by the codename “Project Azalea.”

As late as last month, whispers that Samsung had lost as much as half of the contract for Apple’s purported next-generation “A8” processor to TSMC were circulating from sources in Samsung’s home turf of South Korea. It is possible, though unlikely, that both Samsung and TSMC could be involved in the New York deal.